Nikola Zigon

Nikola Žigon was born in 1958, in Ljubliana, Slovenia. His father Stefan was a famous actor, and Nikola spent much of his childhood in the theater. It was not until the age of 30 that Žigon began to study art. He graduated in 1991 from Belgrade University Faculty of Art, where he studied Drawing, Video Art and Art Installations. After spending the year 2000 in Paris he returned to Belgrade and devoted himself to painting. Žigon's work includes elements of abstract impressionism, incorporating textures, letters and architectural fragments reminiscent of ancient buildings, mixing a dominant white patina with blocks of bright colors. Each new work is preceded by long periods of thought, beside water, the Ocean or the Golf Course, where, Žigon says, man competes against himself, and where he can conceive new ideas. Žigon has exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade, the Prom Gallery in Munich, and the Yugoslav Cultural Center in Paris. He is a member of ULUS, the Association Of Fine Artists of Serbia.
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