William Van Der Salm

Born in 1927 in The Hague, in the netherlands, Van der Salm comes from a long line of talented painters. In fact, his grandfather and father were both well known artists.
When looking at one of his compositions, one will note that he reflects the waterfronts and countryside where he has lived... the wonderful "old world" activity of ships coming in fro the rest... and the sailors with yet another tale to tell.
Van der Salm's brushstrokes bring out magical moody skies with clouds or white and grey... a characteristic so known of the Dutch school of master artists. Other colors of his palate include blues, greens and rich earth tones that hint at a European theme, bringing mystery and darkness of an unknown world to most contemporary viewers and collectors.
His work is magic, and his technique will allow you to appreciate art more from the heart. His paintings are well-recieved all over the world, and hang in many top galleries.
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