Stan S.

Stanislav Sugintas (Stan S.) was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1969. His ability was noticed at an early age, and he studied at the Art School for Gifted Children from 1977 - 1980, going on to the Vilnius Middle School for Art from 1980 - 1984, and in 1993 he graduated from the Minsk Academy of Art.

During his time at the Minsk Academy of Art, he taught drawing at the Minsk Childrens Art School, sharing his talent with others, and worked as a designer in the Advertisement Department of Minsk.

Stan S. has exhibited at the Minsk Academy of Art, the New York Art Expo 2002, in Spain, the Grand Marche d'Art Contemporain, in Paris France, the Berliner Liste Contemporary Art Fair, in Berlin, as well as Barcelona, Spain, and Moscow, Russia, including 11 International Solo Shows. His work can be found in many private collections around the World.

Classic Art Gallery is proud to present this gifted artist described by the Russian Art Press as "One of the most talented young artists of Russia".

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